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The Meadows

Priton is the manufacturer and distributor of a proprietary panelized wall system and patented, specially-engineered cement. The vertically-integrated company developed this quick-build, prefabricated construction system with the goal of creating high-quality, affordable housing around the globe.

Using the concept of a “house in a box,” Priton panels can be shipped anywhere in the world within 24 hours, with electrical and plumbing already worked directly into the panels. Typical construction will only require 7 days on-site. In February 2014, Phiba entered a partnership with Priton to refine their panelized wall system and the design of the Caribbean “MyHouse” housing models. Phiba is the exclusive architect and engineer for all Priton building designs, and began creating housing designs specifically to meet United States building codes. The construction of the panels had to be modified to meet the more stringent thermal performance and fire ratings required in the United States.

“The Meadows,” is a small development with six (6) two-story buildings and a total 28 rental units. It is the first leasable apartment complex built in Nantucket. Due to the historical preservation requirements, Phiba’s design team had to overcome additional challenges to obtain approval from the Historic District Commission, as the island has rigid guidelines pertaining to the character of the window placing, finishes, massing, and other architectural features. Due to the nature of the Priton building system, each variance from the original models had to be carefully coordinated and planned so that the construction can be achieved within one week. The development of highly coordinated construction documents is critical to the success of this quick-build method of construction.

This project was design in collaboration with DCM Architecture & Engineering.


Nantucket, MA



Type of project:

New Construction


25,000 sf / 2,322 m2


Architect & Interior Design